The BigData Cluster

Cluster technical features

The cluster of the BigData laboratory consists of a group of nodes, organized on two racks:

  • 30 worker nodes - storage available 768 TB, memory 2TB (8GB per computing core)
    • 18 nodes provided by Dell - Single node maximum storage available 36 TB
    • 12 nodes provided the previous BigData cluster brought by DET in 2013 - Single node maximum storage available 10 TB
  • 3 master nodes still provided by Dell 
  • 1 device for storage provieded by QNAP - 40TB RAID-6
  • 4 switch 48-port layer 2, used to interconnect all nodes of the cluster, provided by Dell
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

The rack cooling of the cluster is based on a closed-architecture solution, an energy efficient method where the cooling unit is integrated on the side the rack without affect the temperature of the room where the two rack are situated. Under this approach the air can circulate only inside the rack and not within the whole room. This is an advantage for the cluster because is can be more easier to maintain the desidered temperature to control the two racks and reduce the energy wastage.


BigData rack