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REMeDy DNS dataset

This page contains the DNS datasets used by REMeDy for automatic identification of DNS manipulations. The source code of REMeDy can be found here.

These datasets come from passive measurements and have been collected in real operational networks.

They are CSV file, where an entry corresponds to a DNS response. Each line reports: the IP address of the DNS server, the query, the flags of the DNS packet, and the (eventual) answers.

BigData@Polito sponsors BIGDIVE5

The BigData@Polito is sponsoring the BIGDIVE5. The Polito lab will be one of the Data Providers for the event, contributing with a large dataset for the Car Sharing Challenge

The BIGDIVE is a training program designed to boost technical skills on Big Data, aiming to extract value and create social and economic impact. More information about the BIGDIVE5 can be found here.