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Monday, June 6th the fifth edition of the training course organized by TOP-IX in the fields of BIG DATA and DATA SCIENCE has officially kicked off

22 "Divers", coming from 5 different countries, are participating in the fifth edition of the training program designed to enhance the technical skills required to dive into the world of BIG DATA, to extract value and to generate social and economic impact.

On Monday, June 6th, in the venue of Social Renaissance, the fifth edition of BIG DIVE has started. The course organized by TOP-IX Consortium in collaboration with ISI Foundation, ToDo and, with its inter-disciplinary program (data visualization, software development and data science), even this year aims at training professionals able to manage the complexity of the Living Web through the evidence of the data.

The participants were 22, coming from five different countries: Italy, Germany, USA, Switzerland and Poland. Until July 8 they will be immersed in a tour de force of lectures and practical exercises, which will bring the Divers to develop effective projects based on the data made available by the Data Providers (CSI Piemonte with Smart Data Net and Politecnico di Torino through the BigData@Polito Lab) and by some of the main sponsors (BasicNet and Dimar). The course also boasts of the participation by Reale Mutua (as Date-free sponsor), the valuable contribution of some technical partners (Agilelab, Amazon Web Services, Celi, Innovation Design Lab, ISMB, Nexa Center and Synapta) the patronage by the Politecnico di Torino - Department of Architecture and Design, and the media partnership by I-COM, SpazioDati and Yeeply.

As usual the resident teachers will be supported by a number of great guest speakers: in the first week Enrico Ferro, head of the Innovation Development Area at Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, and Jan Willem Tulp, who in his studio - TULP Interactive - develops incredible data visualization and date experience design projects.

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TOP-IX - TOrino Piemonte Internet eXchange is a non-profit consortium set up in 2002 with the aim of creating and managing a NAP (Neutral Access Point, otherwise known as Internet Exchange - IX) for the exchange of Internet traffic in North West Italy. TOP-IX main objective is the diffusion of broadband and Internet culture. All Consortium lines of action (Internet Exchange, Development Program and involvement in public policy programs) act in synergy to promote growth throughout the territory. The Development Program (DP) was set up in 2006 to diffuse the use of broadband Internet and to foster innovation by providing support to early stage Internet ventures.

TOP-IX MAIN PARTNERS - Founded in early 2007 by talented and smart researchers of Turin's Polytechnic and other professionals with deep experience in innovation and hi-tech fields, Axant mitigates founder's experiences from free software and academic environment into business reality, with truly innovation. Axant is a neologism to express our special way to develop software. That is doing simple things efficiently. Axant follows agile methodologies refined over years to accomplish tasks as accurate as possible within defined timeframes, hence our Just In Time's motto. Axant is also proud of "always deliver".

ISI Foundation - The ISI Foundation (Institute for Scientific Interchange) was established in 1983 by the Regione Piemonte. Its core mission is the promotion of scientific research within the international cooperation, fostering the creation of research groups and of innovative and interdisciplinary labs, with a special focus on the science of complex systems.

ToDo - ToDo is a next-gen design studio based in Italy and founded in 2007. While designing near-future projects today, ToDo focuses on dialogue, exchange and community through the integration of ideas, interactivity and technology. The outcome is a steady stream of new experiences that question and redefine the relationship between technology, products, services and smart environments for the twenty-first century.

Big Data: Entering the black-box of research challenges, applications and business practices




Luogo: Politecnico di Torino - Sala Consiglio di Facoltà

Corso Duca degli Abrizzi 24 -  Mappa

Locandina completa




Big Data is a hot technology which allows one to analyze humongous amount of unstructured data to extract useful information, build models, and derive predictions about complex systems. Multidisciplinary in nature, Big Data approaches are being applied to different sectors, from ICT to energy, from health to economics. But what is the technology behind it? How can that be useful for my applications?

The workshop is addressed to researchers, scholars, industry practitioners, students and intends to bring a multidisciplinary view on what is new in Big Data from the perspective of research and its application in different industrial domains. In so doing, the workshop discusses how big data are transforming business practices and require new approaches in managing the information and communication technology infrastructure and the skills of professionals, managers, and scholars.

Le tecnologie Big Data permettono oggi di elaborarare immense moli di dati non strutturati per estrarre informarzioni, costruire modelli, e predire il funzionamento di sistemi complessi. Di natura multidisciplinare, gli approcci Big Data sono oggi applicati a diversi settori, dalle ICT al settore energetico, da studi epidemioligici allo nuovi modelli economici. Ma che cosa sono le tecnologie dietro i Big Data? Come possono queste essere applicate ai miei problemi?

Il workshop si rivolge a ricercatori, studenti, imprenditori interessati a capire che cosa sono i Big Data, offrendo sia aspetti tecnologici, sia esempi di applicazioni portati da aziende del settore ICT e automotive. Discuteremo degli impatti di come queste tecnologie stanno cambiando le filiere economiche, e portano a nuovi approcci nella gestione delle informazioni messe a disposizione dalle tecnologie ICT e le competenze di esperti dei vari settori, manager e studenti.


Le presentazioni sono ora disponibili online -- cliccare sul titolo dell'intervento per visualizzarle.

Slides are availalble online -- click on talk title to get them [slides are in english]



14:00 – 14:20: Benvenuto, Marco Gilli, Rettore – Politecnico di Torino

14:20 – 16:15. Big Data: gli impatti e le sfide nella ricerca - il Laboratorio BigData@Polito

16:15  18:00: Big Data: Gli impatti sul mondo delle aziende -- la visione dei professionisti

18:00-18:30. Chiusura dei lavori